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Colorado elk rifle drop camps are an affordable elk drop camp, and very productive for putting meat in the freezer. Many of our rifle elk are taken at distances of less than 200 yards, but the hunter who can shoot well may enjoy the chance of shooting their Colorado bull elk at 400 to 600 yards.

Don't worry about where you shoot your Colorado elk or Colorado mule deer, we'll pack it from the kill site, and haul it to the processor for custom meat processing or hang it in their coolers for you to take home and process yourself.

The First Rifle Season starts around Mid October and is a limited draw season. Apply Early! This is a fantastic time to hunt since the elk haven't seen much pressure from hunters.

The Second Rifle Season begins near the end of October, when snowfallis a probable occurrence. The snow that falls in the High Country gets the elk moving. Seeing large herds moving about becomes more likely. Second Rifle Season tags are unlimited and available over the counter at numerous retailers.

The Third Rifle Season is a great season because snow is very likely to fall in substantial guantities. This really gets the elk and mule deer moving and makes them easier to track.

The Fourth Season is limited draw only in same units 75 & 751. During Fourth rifle Season elk are moving through our area from higher elevations for a reprive from the snow and to find more abundant food sources. This is a productive Season in early November. Dress warmly.

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"I wanted to thank you and your wranglers again for providing us with  an excellent hunting experience. You provided a hunting opportunity  and rocky mountain ..." [ more]

Alerts & Other Info

Colorado Outfitting License # 2188

• Bonded and Insured

Note: Hunter Safety card required for anyone born after January 1, 1949.

2019 Calendar/Hunting Dates

  • Archery August 31-September 29th Elk tags OTC, deer draw, hunt first two weeks and save $300 per hunter. Hunt third or fourth week of archery and experience more elk rutting activity.
  • Muzzleloader Sep 14-22 elk and deer tags draw
  • 1st Rifle Season Elk only draw Oct 12-16
  • 2nd Rifle season Elk OTC, deer draw Oct 19-27
  • 3rd Rifle season Elk OTC, deer draw Nov 2-10
  • 4th rifle season Elk and deer draw Nov 13-17

Note: Most hunters who apply for elk in 1st and 4th rifle will get tags without any preference points in our units 75 and 751.

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